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We work with local products


Meat from Normandy farmers distributed by Grosdoit - Normandie Viande Héritage at the M.I.N. Rouen

La Volaillère des Clos in Ouainville

Villard, fishmonger in Yvetot - Le Trait

La Ferme de la Mare des Rufaux, organic veggie grower in Bouquetot

La Ferme des Tilleuls, organic veggie grower in Grémonville

Mr Prevost, veggie grower in Caudebec en Caux

Flours from Les Moulins de Vittefleur

Michel Cluizel, chocolate maker Damville

The bier from La brasserie Northmaen, in la Chapelle-Saint-Ouen

Le Clos des Citots in Heurteauville, Le P’tit Clos Normand in Villequier (organic), Toutain in Beuzeville, Dupont in  Victot-Pontfol and  le domaine Duclos-Fougeray in Saint-Michel-d'Halescourt, apple cider makers.

La fromagerie du Castillon, Corinne Dumesnil, cow cheese maker in Saint-Vincent-Cramesnil

La Chèvrerie de Bliquetuit, Noémie Vollais, goat cheese maker in Saint-Nicolas-de-Bliquetuit

La Ferme Fromagerie de La Quesne, Stéphane Lefébure, cow cheese maker in Bois-Héroult

Ms Olivier, beekeeper in La Mailleraye-sur-Seine

Mr Crevel and Mr Rosay, fruit producers in le Mesnil-sous-Jumièges

Mr et Mrs Guérard, saffron and yuzu producers in la Hoguette

La Ferme de Petit Fumechon, organic rapeseed oil maker in Saint Vaast du Val

La Ferme du Village, duck breeder in Barville

L’Escargot du Mont Réal, snails breeder in  Beauvoir-en-Lyons

Mrs Menager, rhubarb grower in La Haye de Routot

Mr Thevenet, Gournay chicken breeder in La Bellière

La ferme de la Mare des Rufaux
Farm in organic gardening small (3-hectare) with permaculture inspiration. Our vision is to live independently our love of nature and participate in providing a healthy and varied short circuits production.

The Cider Beef
Cattle and cider: a marriage of convenience
In some campaigns Caux, a few elders still remember a tradition of giving cider oxen slaughtered Easter. Even today, apple cider and apple pomace are sometimes part of the diet of our traditional oxen Norman.

Fishmonger Villard
Wholesalers, fishmongers from generation to generation.


Les Moulins de Vittefleur
After the first World War, it supplied the bakeries in the area in sacks of flour. Today this plant, one of the smaller mills in the region still uses the hydraulic energy provided by the Durdent.
It retains two water wheels to the wheels and other operating systems. Manufacture and sale of bread flour for the bakery.

Cluizel chocolates
A rare business: Cacaofévier.
In 1948, Michel Cluizel created his first chocolates alongside his parents. Today, chocolate is one of the few processors of cocoa beans in the world.
Since 1997, its specific approach is to develop direct relations with renowned planters, in a spirit of fair and sustainable trade.

Beef, Veal, Pork, Lamb
Eat close, eat healthy, eat good! Reference purchase short circuit! L'Auberge Ruins chose Normandy Meat Heritage as providers of meats as NVH warranty meat proximity and allows responsible purchasing.


Saffron in Normandy, a golden idea
Pascal and Annie Guerard are saffron producers in countries Falaise. The choice of bulb harvest the spice so fragile, through picking crocus which gives the pistil, the couple learned everything.
For many of us, saffron evokes distant Asia or North African land, but certainly not the Normandy region. Yet this country is in Falaise, in the lush vegetation of the Hoguette more accurately, Annie and Pascal Guérard cultivate this precious spice.

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